Wednesday, November 08, 2006

FAMM looks for gnomes on Pipe Track

The beach awaits us after our morning run

After dealing us a dismal hand last week, weather seems to have brought us some much needed sunshine this week, which is looking to last well into Friday and beyond. So with sunny skies and rainbows on our side we will be staying in the same area as last week, just attacking a different mountain! After a beautiful Tuesday morning run, it has been decided by a tremendous group of scout athletes, that this week's FAMM will take place along the Pipe Track of Camps Bay! It is a scenic route with some cheeky uphills along its windy path but nothing that the FAMM athletes can't handle. Erica be sure to watch your feet and not the "view", we need to keep injuries and broken limbs at a minimum before the weekend's activities. This is a great warm up run for those Athletes heading to Gordon's Bay for the Sunday Triathlon.

Team "Scout"

We will begin again from Kloof Nek parking lot and head straight onto the Pipe Track and run along for about 25 mins until we hit the sign marking our ascent up DIAGONAL GORGE. Depending on running time we should manage a quick and easy paced hike up, until we reach the decided VAVT spot for the morning. The views from up here are spectacular and a swift VAVT is a must while we catch our breath before hot stepping back down the path! Once down the steps an easy "jog it in" awaits us back to our cars. It should take no longer than an hour if we all keep at a good pace but can always keep an eye on the stop watch as can turn back if time sneaks up on us.

What time: 5:45am
Riche Time: 5:30 am...
We definitely want to try and fit in the small hike up the beginning of Diagonal so need to be on the mountain by no later than six am!!

Muffin Duty: Team Milnerton

Where do I park:
Kloof Nek parking lot, same as last week. Up Kloof Nek rd, turn left into Tafelberg Rd and the parking lot is immediately on your left.
Listen out for the Chariots tune and you can't miss us!

Post Hike Vibe:
For those who don't work too hard...we know who we are...Dallas has suggested a well earned swim in Camps Bay and Tea and muffins on the beach! And for those who don't work at all this will be followed by further coffees and cakes at Cafe del Mar! If the weather guru throws us a curve ball we will head to our local Vida for the usual!

Should be a beautiful morning out Athletes, great views, exceptional company and yet another awesome way to EARN YOUR WEEKEND!
See you Friday!

More beautiful sunrise views await us


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