Wednesday, November 15, 2006

FAMM kicks off the biggest EYB weekend Cape Town has ever seen

Smasher and Doors lead the way, gadgets in overload

After a month of Friday AM Morning Madness, it has been decided to take the vibe back to it's roots and head up the ever beautiful and faithful Lion's Head. You know the drill for this one so no explanation needed. Camel Man and the King FLA might have to lead this one as I might be man down if I can't sneak past the legend physio himself... disguise is always a possibility. This route always promises to be a beautiful morning out and if I remember there were numerous emails flying around last time about someone carrying up a skottle, my memory fails me as to who offered such a Rocky gesture but sounds like a great idea! Or the easier option is our local Vida....I may have 3 coffees in me by the time you make it down!

So...get your backpacks packed, your alarm clock set and your legs warmed up for an awesome Friday morning out. The start of the biggest EYB VIBE WEEKEND Cape Town has ever seen. There has never been a better way to kick off the weekend's festivities than a power hike up our African friend, so no excuses for this one! See you at Vida guys or look for me in my disguise! Gnomes are a good look to go for on this route!

What time:
5:45am I have to mention Riche time? It takes 1hr 10 from the records, so those with time constraints needn't worry as we'll have you back down in time.
A lone EYB Athlete spreading the vibe

Where must I park: Signal Hill Rd, turn right from Kloof Nek rd into Signal Hill rd and its the first parking place on your right by the hut. Bring car guard change!

FLA Friendly:
Great route for FLA'S, Spence has even mastered the chains. Multi talented dog he is!

Lets not let our FAMM routine go amiss, so see you at the red corner on Kloof. Z cards welcome.

The Vibe buzz has begun for the weekend so be sure not to miss out on FAMM'S inspirational morning of EARNING YOUR WEEKEND!


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