Tuesday, November 28, 2006

EYB Dinner - Relish - Huge vibe!!

Saturday the 18th of November saw 80 Earn Your athletes congregate at Relish Restaurant in Cape Town for EYB's inaugural end of year dinner.

Moses and the Monya Shark

Suza and Riche

The dress code for the evening was formal with a touch of vibe and the athletes pulled out all the stops, the ladies looking stunning, the gents looked dapper and the vibe - plentiful.

Moyra and Richard loving the vibe

Baaaaad Shazzie

Sally, Suza and Dallas showing off the EYB car stickers

Swede eyeing out the Jagie's

Sally and Suza with the touch of vibe

Dallas sporting the black fro

The evening started off with a few glasses of bubbly and some welcome snacks as the athletes arrived and settled in.

Hanna and Johanna - Fortjana din frukost!

Dinner snacks

Sally, Shazzie, Kiwi and Moyra

Abi with a touch of vibe

Ladies looking stunning

Everyone was soon ushered in and welcomed by evenings' MC David "Ten Four - Roger That" Moseley. We were all treated with some choice words from one of the best dressed athletes on the night.

MC Moses throwing vibe!!

Riche then said a few words on a 'how EYB started front', before the Hatt and Balloon award recipients from the year were highlighted once again and the respective athletes were treated to a Jagie shooter as a prize.

Special prizes on the night were the overall 2006 Hatt-award which went to Cam 'The Aviator' Fuller for her huge vibe and enthusiasm throughout the last five months as well as lifting her game and setting off for Kilimanjaro last week.

Riche, Cam and Beef

Cam Fuller ya'll

The second was a mention to Nikki Pickard and Caroline Butler for leading Earn Your Draft runs in the mountain over the past few months.

CBFZ, Riche and Pix

There was also a huge mention for Caro "Queen of the FAMM" Fisher for inspiring athletes to tackle the mountain's and Vide on Friday mornings.

Lastly the FLA of the year was shared by Mana and Tana, they were unable to attend but their prize was gladly accepted by a stoked Migs and Abi.

A very impressive Relish staff then served a top class main course to all.

Suza and Hey Amber

Kristi have a tequila via camel back

Dinner was followed by some words from Beef on where we envisage EYB going in the future.

We were both overwhelmed as Moses, Caro, Suza and CFT stepped up to present some gifts that had been organised without our knowledge, among them were a framed and engraved EYB photo each, sun-cream because we always get burnt, a mini car for Beef as he always borrows Mrs Jordaan's, signed Peter Slingsby book's called Walk's with a Fat Dog all as well as money to purchase some much needed sun glasses.

Beef reading a few words writen by the Moses

Huge thanks from both of us to all those who contributed and especially to those who organised it.

Dinner was followed by a little easter egg prepared by Riche and Beef, a 25 minute dvd collection of photo's to music, the likes of Chariots of fire, Sunday bloody Sunday (U2), Mr Brightside (The Killers), The Best of you (Foo Fighters), Smiling Faces (Gnarles Barkley) and Suddenly I see (KT Tunstall).

Copies of the DVD are available. To order one send an email to earnyourbreakfast@gmail.com and we'll get one to you for a cost covering fee of R20/dvd.

With the formalities over, the tables were cleared away and a few tekkie's were squeaked on the dance floor.

Riche, Caro, CFT, Abi and Kerry

Jonty and Migs enjoying the vibe

Girls kicking things off on the dance floor

EYB's finest


Moby and CFT

The vibe shark taking strain after a beating

Shazzie, Abi, Suza and Migs

Anton getting stuck in

Shane with a touch of vibe

Hatt-Trick himself

Jonty and Al

All in all a fantastic evening and an amazing turn out of 80 athletes after just 5 months as a club lifestyle.

Huge thanks again to all those who made it to the dinner, to those of you who hadn't been a part of the lifestyle before, we hope you enjoyed the vibe and we hope to see you again.

It was also a good way to say goodbye for now to Nikky Pix, CBFZ (Caroline Butler From Zim), Brige Bass, and Megs Pocha Carkeek as they all set off on their travels. All the best guys!!

Sunday's Earn Your Breakfast activity was substituted for EYBB (Earn Your Beach Bats) and EYST (Earn Your Summer Tan) took full priority on Llandudno Beach.

Llandudno beauty

Smash and Beef with the bats

What lifestyle

Around 25 Earn Your Athletes enjoyed a much needed afternoon of VAVT and post dinner banter, where reports of heavy petting and late night shenanigans came to the fore.


Storm coming in!

Wouldn't be the same without a bum shot

Strange skies

Riche and Suza enjoying some sunset VAVT

Cape Town sunset at it's best

Brilliant EYB weekend all round.

Awesome, athletes!

See you on the mountain.

Earn Your Breakfast!

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