Wednesday, November 01, 2006

FAMM set to take on all elements this Friday

Too beautiful!!!

According to weather this coming Friday is looking rather dismal, but FAMM has never been shy of a bit of rain, sleet, snow or hail. Well...maybe that's pushing the vibe a bit far but am sure we can tackle the hills of Lion's head and it's surrounds come rain or shine! After a quick and beautiful scout run this morning, (thanks team Traffic) FAMM is heading back to Lion's head but mixing up the routes according to what the weather deals us on the day. VAVT might be limited due to extreme weather conditions. Have no fear though it promises to be an awesome run and a GREAT way to EARN YOUR WEEKEND!!

We will start the morning at the Kloof Nek parking lot and head up the Signal Hill rd, while our legs and eyes awaken from slumber. Once we hit the Lion's head parking lot we will head up Lion's head until we see our silver route marker glistening in the fynbos. This path will take us around the base of Lion's head towards Signal Hill and beyond. There are rocks, stones, and perhaps even a garden gnome out to greet us on the path so make sure you pack your quick and nimble eyes and your cross country feet as the path requires a fair amount of concentration. Come Back Kid (CBK) be sure to strap those delicate Naomi Campbell ankles in!

Depending on the group vibe time we can extend the run along the saddle or just jog it along the Signal Hill chicanes back towards our cars where TIF and muffins yet again await this special group of extreme athletes.

Signal Hill and beyond...

Where must I park: Kloof Nek parking lot - Head up Kloof Nek Rd and turn left into Tafelberg Rd, immediately on your left is a parking lot. Slip your car gear into park, lock and alarm your cars (Beef...that's for you!) and get those legs ready to attack the first hill.

What time: 5:45am sharp so we can be on the road by no later than 6am. We will be an hour, probably less so those with Post Hike Traffic Work Constraints (PHWTC) can definitely stay with the team the whole way!

What must I bring: Your Mary Poppins umbrella, ear muffs and your very own rain dance chants. On a more serious note a windbreaker/raincoat might come in handy depending on what vibe weather throws at us.

FLA Friendly: Spence you have redeemed yourself and seeing as though you made it to the scout run it would seem unfair to rule you out! A very FLA friendly route!

PHV: A wild guess as to where we will be heading - prizes will be handed out so email your answers to....

If the weather is too foul to attack the mountains we can always just Earn Our Weekend by driving up Kloof Nek rd, surveying the rain clouds, having a serious team chat, taking an executive decision AND...head straight to Kloof Street for a cheeky Vida breakfast!

I will have my very Advanced Gadget Tracking Device (AKA cellphone) on me, so text me if you're playing ching chong cha with yourself as you look out your bedroom window! Look forward to it and hopefully due to the passing of the Legend Weather Man Pete, all websites, newspapers, radios, satellites etc have got the weather terribly wrong! (no disrespect intended)

See you there ATHLETES!


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