Thursday, November 02, 2006

SUNDAY Hike, 5th NOV - Blackburn Ravine/Chapmans Peak!!

SUNDAY HIKE VIBE (click to enlarge)

Cafe ROUX's ALL-DAY Breakfast!


This Sunday will see the EYB Hiking Vibe stretch its legs a little. Last week was short and sweet, but well worth it with a cheeky climb up Spilhaus Ravine. This weekend will take in some of Cape Town's most spectacular views across Hout Bay and Chapmans Peak, and promises to be a top notch EYB Cape Town Hike.

'Stretch the Legs'... this should NOT put off the troops in any way as although the EHT is probably around 4 - 4 and a half hours, it does not involve any major climbs of any kind. There will be a steep but easy decent down the spectacular Blackburn Ravine, but nothing too tough for any EYB athlete!

We will start off at the car park at the Silvermine Reservoir and head up the Jeep track towards an awesome lookout point at the top of Blackburn Ravine. As mentioned the decent is steep but not strenuous at all. This path will wind us down towards the contour path where we will intersect the famous HOERIKWAGGO HIKING TRAIL.

Travelling south towards Chapmans Peak will keep us on the Hoerikwaggo Trail at a very level gradient for about an hour or so before a very short gentle ascent up to the Chapmans Peak summit at 593m. The path will then drop us down fairly quickly towards Chapmans Peak Drive. We'll cross over here and continue on to the Red Herring restaurant.

Depending on the vibe and general consensus, we could always PHV straight away at the Red Herring or drive across to Cafe Roux, which has had some great reviews of late... either way we'll go with the greatest good for the greatest number!!!

Time and WDIP info: START at 8:45am from Silvermine Car Park. We obviously need to get some cars down to the Red Herring at about 8:15am to arrange lifts back to the start.

Please let me know (0738086116) if anyone can't make the Herring at this time so we can get a feel for numbers, otherwise 8:15am at the Herring Car Park (PLEASE CLICK ON THE MAP FOR DIRECTIONS TO THE RED HERRING TRADING POST).

Silvermine Car Park WDIP: At the summit of Ou Kaapse Weg (when coming from the Tokai side), turn right and follow through to the Main Silvermine Entrance Gate where a small fee is payable to the TMNP. Once through the booms/gate, carry on straight up the road for about 2km right till the end where you'll find the car park.

4 - 4 and a half hours

FLA-friendly: this hike is definately FLA friendly despite a very minor potential FLA-support need halfway down Blackburn Ravine. a Jenna Jenna Jenna made it down with a push and carry so if she can - any FLA can!!

What to Bring: all the usual hiking gear with provisions for colder weather if the elements so choose. Lots of water, sunsceen, vibe, chow, anything goes!! Ensure Sustenance and Warmth and all is good!

Please note that cellphone reception once past the main gate and in the car park is almost non-existent, so make all necessary calls/texts before driving through to the end. We will also sorley miss the expertise of the communication vibe as the SSGKD will be busting some moves on the wakeboard in Clanwilliam this weekend!

PHV: Cafe Roux or the Red Herring

Awesome - the weather (click on the links) looks peachy for Sunday too so hope to see everyone out there!!




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