Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gunner Hughes RUNNING BUS!


Always time to stretch...

Always time to drink...

Gunner Hughes is a Cape Town based runner with a wealth of experience under his belt. With 2 Comrades Marathons, 5 Two Oceans Marathons, and probably hundreds more halves in the bank, he has risen as an experienced leader for a small bus of runners setting out every Tuesday and Thursday morning from Sacs Junior School.

The general pace of the group is around 5/5:15 min/km and the distance varies between 10 -12km. Kick off is 5:45am sharp from Sacs Junior - for anyone who is keen, contact Beef on 0738086116 for directions.

It's early yes, but awesome once out there... not a bad way to get the legs ticking over for the EARN YOUR NEW YORK MARATHON 2007 Vibe!!



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