Monday, November 06, 2006

FAMM reveals what real Athletes are made of

Team FAMM ready for take off

After hurricane Hilda swept through the sleeping city of Cape Town on Thursday night, FAMM saw a reduced number of Athletes take to the mountains on Friday morning. Surprisingly though, 10 + 1 courageous and over keen Athletes made their way to the Kloof Nek parking lot and waited in their warm cars as Athletes around the city made the call whether they should get out of bed or not. We even saw 2 ultra brave Debutants join the team on such an ambiguous morning! Well done!

Text messages went back and forth as to who would be brave enough to attack Lion's head and Signal Hill. There were reports of there being too much water in Harfield Village to even drive to work let alone make a run and a few random and well earned headaches from the night before - the little white ambulance was sneakily downed minutes before we were swept up the mountain by the Cape storm. Our Milnerton team took slowly to the idea of a run amidst the storm but once they heard that it was "A GO" they raced through to join the team of cold and slightly insane Athletes who were biting at the grip to head up the mountain. So with our team finally in tact and out of the warmth of their cars, we started just after six and made our way with a jog up the Signal Hill Rd to get our blood pumping through our veins.

FAMM navigates its way along the windswept road

Warmth was the essential aim at this point and after a few over excited minutes of jogging uphill, athletes saw themselves taking to a fast walk instead. There were shouts from the back of shattering pancreas's but the team pressed on and slowly got into a comfortable pace on this beautiful winter's morning!

The weather seemed to be rather calm as we headed up the path of Lion's head - That is besides the gale force winds that propelled us up at breaking speed! Speaking too soon the heavens opened and decided to make our incredible effort that much more hazardous! If there was ever a time to earn anything this was it! Never defeated, the FAMM athletes lifted their game and enthusiasm reached an all time high as we reached the silver route marker taking us down onto Signal Hill. We said some quick farewells to those with Post Hike Work Traffic Constraints (PHWTC) and those protecting their future children! Thanks for coming out guys even in such challenging conditions!

The fynbos survives the Cape Storm

Rain jackets and hoodies zipped up and tightened, we jogged it in along the rocky contour path as we carefully watched our cross country feet make their way down. Sadly, due to the previous night's downpour, the friendly gnomes had clearly taken shelter and were not seen along the route. Keep your eyes out next Friday guys! The rain abated and a quick photo shoot was had on Signal Hill as we all congratulated our tremendous effort! VAVT being constrained somewhat by weather we made an executive decision to keep the bodies warm and continue home along windswept road back to the cars.

Tea in Flask (TIF)
and Blueberry muffins awaited our arrival as we huddled together amongst our cars. With everyone scattering off to work, 2 cold but loyal athletes headed to Vida for the most well earned Latte of the week! A few coffees later and The EYB Globalisation Strategy decided upon, we finally made our way to work!

Awesome effort guys for coming out on such a tempestuous morning! A beautiful refreshing run and a great way to EARN YOUR WEEKEND! Think we earned beyond that too! See you on the mountains this Friday, there have been rumours of a sneaky Pipe Track route...maybe after such a huge rainfall we could attempt to locate our missing waterfall!

VAVT before the heavens opened


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