Wednesday, November 01, 2006

EYB LONDON Athletes conquer the BARNES GREEN HALF!!

EYB London = Pre-Race Smiles!

Nic Visser and il Falco - Sub 100 bus!

EYB London athletes wif Medal!!

EYB London LEADER Carl 'il Falco' Husslmann reports...

"A cheery (its all relative when you live in the UK) Sunday morning greeted the EYB London athletes as they approached the village of Barns Green. Nervous anticipation spread through our small group as the excuses flowed freely - training had not gone well, colds and flu were rife and for some the beers had gone down too well the night before.

But the excuses faded as we lined up at the start to take on another half. The course record was surprisingly slow and it did not take us long to find out why. The rolling hills of Mid Sussex were out in full force and taking their vengeance on our poorly prepared legs. The vibe was excellent and the support from the locals was great. We were lucky enough to run through some amazing countryside including those well known tree lined lanes of south England.

All the EYB athletes performed out of their boots, but special mention must go to Grant (Guru) and Colls (JF), who were both suffering from cold and flu and both managed to trot in, in a very respectable time considering. I think its is safe to say that no records were broken (it was just a training run for the Hellrunner anyway), but a great day was had by all. We tucked into chocolate brownies and boerewors rolls afterwards, safe in the knowledge that we had earnt it.

Garrick (I'm going to clean JF's pipes) Swift was a VERY late withdrawal from the event. The rumour mill is spinning but as yet we have no confirmation of any reason for his retirement. I humbly, guess that nerves got the better of him once he heard that JF was on course for a PB????? Lets hope that the boy recovers from that which ails him, enough to partake in one of the upcoming EYB London events.

Next on the local agenda is the Hellrunner in a few short weeks time. Rumour has it that a training group will be going out into the wilderness that is Richmond park over the weekend to get in some hard mud miles as training. As the winter starts to close in here, it will take an extra special effort from the local EYB's to maintain the vibe, but I have no doubt that you will find the vibe alive and well over the coming months.

Don't get stuck, get stuck in!"

A few personal words from the rear...

"The last time I ran (other than to the fridge to get another beer) was the Nike run at the beginning of october. Long time ago now. So I went down to Barns Green not expecting much. Beautiful weather. Lovely, undulating route through the Horsham countryside (definitely not an easy run, but a scenic one).

I started to hate the run after about 2 miles (my ITB sore-left-knee started acting up), but finally found a bit of rhythm as I went through halfway at about 52 minutes, so feeling relatively good (all things considered). Sadly, at about 10 miles, my knee was on fire and my right knee was starting to hassle as well. Just after 11 miles, both knees locked and I had no choice but to start walking.

The rest of the run consisted of pushing for a few hundred metres until the pain was too much, then hobbling for another 100 metres. I managed to get through the last 2 and a half miles like this, and came in running like Forrest Gump BEFORE he lost his mechanical splints.

The only thing that got me through was the thought of Frodo pushing those last 50 or 60 into Mordor: if that little b*stard could do it, there was no way in HELL I was going to give up. I came in at 2:03. Which really wasn't as bad as I was expecting at all, but still a little frustrating."
- Andrew 'Locksmith' Allison

AWESOME EFFORT EYB LONDON...Well Done!!! the knees??



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