Thursday, November 30, 2006

FAMM explores the Face of the Table!!

FAMM Vibe!

Friday Morning Madness calls apon all athetes,

The Scout Team has been all over the mountain over the past few weeks, and has stumbled accross this little beauty. It really does capture the splendour of the City Bowl, and with views of Lions Head, Signal Hill, and the Twelve Apostles... for those early bird athletes, it makes no sense to miss out on an unbelievable start to the weekend!!

The route this week starts at the base of Platteklip Gorge. After barely 15 minutes of Platteklip Grind, we take a right at 'Breakfast Rock', onto the contour path which traverses us along the face of the mighty Table Mountain. We eventually end up at the Contour Beacon which takes in the most awesome views accross Camps Bay and Lions Head.

After some brief VAVT, we'll decend down towards Tafelberg Road which will swoop us gently towards some well earned TIF and Muffins in the Kloof Nek Car Park.

What time: 545am SHARP!!!! We'll all pile into a few selected veee-eehicles (possibly a record number on the back of Camel Man's Beast would be a challenge), and shoot through to the base of Platteklip.

WDIP: Kloof Nek Car Park, immediately on your left as you turn off towards the Cable Station

PHV: TIF and Muffins in the Car Park as a build up to the legendary VIDA for those who dont work, OR, see a VIDA stop on a friday morning as the only way to work!!

Athletes, this promises to be a beauty!! See ya out there!!



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