Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What winter FAMM??

You need a reason to get out of bed?

Just when we thought the Cape Winter had set in, weather guru throws us a scorcher of a Friday to kicks start your weekend of earning! So with the tides low and the sun high, FAMM will footprint the beaches of Camps Bay, Clifton and beyond once more, before summer becomes a distant memory!

The route will take us along Camps Bay, through Glen Beach and La Med and across the beauty that is Clifton, from there will will jump up onto the road and make our way to the rest stop at the benches before heading back along the rd to brave the waters of Camps Bay!

What date:
Friday, 30th March

What time:
6:15am - its about a 45 min run so we should be back at our cars by about (7am ish)

Where do I park:
On Victoria Rd, Camps Bay outside the garage/Nandos/Pick 'n Pay

What to bring:
If you feeling brave and cold blooded bring your cozzie...if its too icy for a post run swim we'll jump over the mountain and attack Vida for our morning fix of caffeine!

No winter excuses are accepted this week, so get those bodies out of bed for a guaranteed morning of beauty, sunshine and and endless summer earning!

Summer Athletes!


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