Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Promenade glory

The Sea Point Promenade last saw FAMM back in December, so while time allows us our Friday morning sessions, we thought we'd head back to the promenade for what is set to be a scorcher of a Friday in the Mother City. What better way to start your Friday with a gentle run along side the Atlantic Ocean followed by a well deserved cappuccino at Newport Deli?

What date: Friday, 9th March 2007

What time:
Meet at 6am - sunrise is getting later and later but we should still be able to squeeze a few more FAMM sessions in before winter sneaks up on us!

What Route:
we will start at Newport Deli and run along the promenade for as long as time allows us. We will hopefully make it to the pool and back which is a sufficient time on our legs given that a few FAMM athletes are building up to the Argus and the Constantia 15km Road Race over the weekend.

Where do I park:
At Newport/Wakame parking lot on Beach Rd. Just past the lighthouse if you heading towards the Waterfront with the sea on your left.

As Winter draws near to Cape Town our FAMM sessions will have to take on a whole new identity - but in the meantime a 34 degree summer's day awaits us this Friday, so even though the darkness might push you back under your covers initially...know that there are a pack of keen Athletes awaiting your footprints on the promenade!

Good luck to all EYB Athletes who are hitting the road this weekend to EARN THEIR BREAKFAST and beyond that, in both the Argus and the VOB Constantia Village 15km - we'll be sure to shout for you from the sidelines in full EYB support mode!


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