Friday, June 29, 2007

EYB Dominates the 'City Lion' from all angles!!


This Sunday will not see us hiking up Chapman's Peak unfortunately as there is a huge international cycling event that will be blocking up many of the roads leading out towards Silvermine and Chapman's Peak.

We will instead conquer an old favourite being the mighty Lion's Head, but will extend our time on the mountain by hitting the beautiful contour path that circles around the back end of the Lion and up and over the saddle!

Meet Time:
8:30am in the Kloof Nek Car Park (call me on 0795249936 if lost).

Estimated Hike Time: about 3 hours up and down!

What to bring: Hot coffee, Tea, Scarves, Warm Tops... you get the picture!!

Please check out all the road closures for Sunday too:

Ok, athletes... lets get stuck in this Sunday and get some numbers back on the mountain. Everyone is welcome so please dont be shy to bring any mates or family along!!



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