Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fly Solo on the mountains or launch into the COLD Ocean

Take the plunge - road, ocean or mountain...what will it be??


Last week saw 8 plus 2 energetic athletes take to the mountains for what proved to be a beautiful winter's morning out - crisp, clear skies and a route that provided quality city and suburban views, and enough gradient both sides to get the legs firing! Great to have you all out and back on the mountains!

This week sees another EYB Bye as the Cape Town weather guru has predicted a stormy Sunday with rain fore casted from all directions.

This however doesn't deter all athletes as rumour has it there will be many an athlete getting out there this weekend to either compete in the FISHERMAN'S TRAIL CHALLENGE 2007 - check out for details, or to take the plunge in the Winter Solstice Clifton Swim. And with 3 weeks to go there are many excited runners across the city getting up in the dark and cold or begrudgingly putting on their shoes after work to take to the roads and mountains in preparation for the upcoming Knysna Marathons!

So to all those either braving the oceans, racing up Blackburn Ravine or heading out for a good weekend training run - EYB wishes you weekend of inspirational earning where creating your own reality is much needed, as the Cape Winter throws us some of her best! Good luck to those competing and see the 2 letters below for details for the annual braving of the Oceans!

Letters from the Arctic Circle....

Potential Polar Bears,

Every year I do this MAD THING – take a swim on the Saturday nearest to the Winter Solstice at CLIFTON 4th BEACH
It’s fun, it’s COLD but what an experience!!

Come and join and bring friends.

See letter below for details if you, by any chance, want to order any of the goodies that are made to order and picked up on the day.

The atmosphere is great and it’s an achievement if you make it – NO WET SUITS, just you and your cozzie!!!

Bring a little flask (hip) of sherry and another of HOT CHOCCIE and a huge warm towel and track-suit for afterwards.

Yours in a cozzie,


Hi Polar Bears

As you know there are only a few weeks to go before we celebrate the winter solstice with our annual dip in the chilly waters of the Atlantic. For the uninitiated, this is our 10th year & is a great day to bring friends & family along. If you're up to it, join the frozen chosen with a sprint into the icy waters ..... otherwise you can just spectate.

Where - Clifton 4th Beach
When - Saturday 23rd June
Time - 9.30am

See you there .... rain or shine !
Chilly regards
Steve Morkel
President : Polar Bear Club

Gear up and gather your friends for next weekend as EYB looks to brave Chapman's Peak for a celebratory one year on the mountains. Details to follow during the week!

Happy Earning and feel free to send in any pictures, routes or stories from your weekend's outdoor activities!

The choice of earning lies within your soul, make it happen and come alive!



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