Wednesday, June 13, 2007


After a week off from the mountains, EYB will be taking on a new route this coming Sunday. The adventure involves minor car logistics, a small climb, spectacular views of the city and beyond, followed by a cheeky descent into Newlands Forest where your pint and Sunday calvary awaits you at you need anymore persuasion?

What date:
Sunday, 17th June...Comrades Day

What time:
Meet at Forries at 8:30am - we will leave some cars here and drive through to Tafelberg Rd where we will begin the hike.
Please try your best to be on time, as we want to be on the mountain by 9am - phone if you are running late - 073 808 6116 so that we know to wait for you.

What Route:
Begin at the Devil's Peak saddle on Tafelberg Rd - a slow chilled climb up to the saddle where some rest time will be awarded to those whose hearts are beating at the required pace :) From there we will make our way over the saddle to the Southern Suburbs side, where Newlands Ravine will be awaiting our Elvis Legs. This will take us down into the Forest where we will meet up with the contour path and snake our way down towards the fermenting pints and the smells of Sunday roast! It shouldn't take longer than 3hrs - we will aim to be on the mountain by 9/9:15 latest!!

What to bring:
Warm clothes, the forecast looks ambiguous for the moment so please dress warm and bring raincoats in case.

Four legged Athletes: Dogs are more than welcome, just keep in mind the Forries festivities for later.

Hope to see you all out there for a beautiful and worthwhile morning on the mountains - dust off those hiking boots, don your winter woolies, set your alarms and get those bodies out there to experience the magic and beauty of the Cape mountains.


The lone ranger calls out to his awaiting pint


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