Thursday, July 05, 2007

Athletes take a 2 Week Winter Break from the mountains

Winter in the Cape is a funny and surprising thing - we have clear, crisp and beautiful days through the week, where athletes are out in full force soaking up the beautiful evenings and then the weekends see the return of the Cape Storm!! There goes a saying that "There is no bad weather, just bad gear" so some would argue why we are letting the winter rain keep us from our mountains come Sunday morning...? But to be honest give me all the best kit there is, but when you look outside at 7am on a Sunday morning and see clouds, rain and wind, my bed and my winter sheets sure looks a lot more comforting than braving Devil's Peak looking like a kitted out Arctic snowman!

So with previous weekends showing us that rain means fewer athletes ready to face the elements, and due to a few key EYB Athletes heading out of town for a special Birthday weekend, we have taken the decision to cancel this weekend and give you all piece of mind come Sunday morning.....a guilt free lie in!

Unfortunately next weekend will also have to be postponed as The Knysna Festival sees many an Athlete jump in their cars come Friday afternoon and race up the Garden Route to try and beat the queues at the beer tent...oh sorry I mean the Registration tent! EYB wishes you all a safe drive and a very happy and enjoyable race!

Good luck with your last week of training and remember its all about Time on Your Legs!! See you out there and look forward to getting back on the mountains once we've found a way to brave the Cape Storm!!


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