Monday, April 09, 2007

Real Two Oceans 2007

Sunday saw 20 crazy mountain goats hit the glorious slopes of the Table Mountain National Park in the 2nd running of what has been coined the 'Real Two Oceans'.

At 5:30am, we set out with torches on our heads to navigate our way along Muizenberg Beach towards Echo Valley in Kalk Bay. This epic is broken down into three legs as detailed below:

Leg one: From the Muizenberg Supertube water slide we make our way up through St James to the start of the Old Mule Path, which we take to Echo Valley and then follow the contour path and gravel road to Silvermine Reserve and up to the dam via the Silvermine River Walk.

Leg Two: We follow the loose gravel road and footpath up Crassula Edge and Noordhoek Ridge to Noordhoek Peak. From here we take the skyline Panorama Path to Blackburn Ravine and then up to Constantiaberg Mast, descending via the Elephant’s Eye path and the PUFFeR route to Level 5. We follow Level 5 through Tokai Forest to the end and then continue on the PUFFeR route over Vlakkenberg and down to Constantia Nek.

Leg Three: We head for the Back Table, across the tops of Nursery Ravine and Skeleton Gorge via the bridle path, concrete road and PUFFeR route. From the top of Skeleton Gorge we take the path around or over Hely-Hutchinson Reservoir (depending on whether it has water in it or not) to the Waterworks Museum and up through Disa Gorge to the Aqueduct, Smuts Track and Maclear’s Beacon. We descend via Echo Valley and follow the road and old railway track over to the Apostles’ Path, head towards Grootkop but turn down at Corridor Ravine and follow the path around the buttress into Slangolie Ravine and the start / end of the Pipe Track and head for the finish at the Rotunda, Camps Bay.

The event was truly spectacular and with a clear day topping 35 degrees celcius, the views were breathtaking. After a few weary legs decided to call it a day at Constantia Nek, 13 of us continued on and pulled into the Rotunda in Camps Bay at around 6:30pm to celebrate an amazing day out.

The photo's above and below tell only half the story, as emphasis must go on the amazing group of like-minded people that take part in such an event. For some, being out there for 12 and a half hours eventually takes it's toll, but with ongoing support and encouragement from your fellow runner, the true inspirational value of the event shines through!

Thanks to all those (fellow athletes and seconding crews) who made the experience such an inspiration to be a part of!



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