Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lions head - April 1st

Beauty of the cape from the summit

Table mountain in all it's glory

The lovely debutants

B-dogg have a drink at the top

Epic views from the top

Riche, B-dogg and Smasher at the top

EYB summited the old favorite Lions Head on the 1st of April.

There were 5 debutants, the lovely ladies who accompanied Monita all successfully made it to the summit where some great view apprecitaion time was enjoyed by all.

Our old friend and acclaimed writer/creator of splattermail joined us on the mountain, but we unfortunately didn't catch the great man on camera! Probably a good thing as he was sporting a rather unpleasant looking beard at the time!

All in all another great morning out on the mountains of Cape Town, and always nice to see old and new faces out there!

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