Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wellness Warehouse

Wellness Warehouse is a new and exciting line of major retail stores opening soon, first in the lifestyle centre in Cape Town on the 30th of August, then in Heathway, Johannesburg, and then Cavendish in November.

"Wellness Warehouse is passionate about making it possible to live life well; a life that is healthy, environmentally sustainable, socially aware and responsible."

Our friends at Wellness Warehouse believe, as we at EYB do, in living life well, they have a great Facebook Group going where they are encouraging people to upload pictures of themselves living life well, and they have some epic snaps already.

They also have a website if you are interested in what it is that they are doing.

Click here for the facebook group called LIVE LIFE WELL
Click here to check out their website,

Store's will include some of the following departments

Pharmacy & WellClinic,
Spa & Therapy
Fitness & Movement
Wellness Cafe
Sleep, Massage & Hydrotherapy
Interior & Lifestyle


1 comment:

Team Wellness said...

Thanks for your support Dave,and great Blog! we are all really looking forward to our store opening next week, and so excited about being the 1st store like this in South Africa!

See you at the store opening on Thursday 27th at the Lifestyles centre in Kloof Street. Come Live Life Well with us!

Team Wellness

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