Thursday, August 23, 2007

Third Time Lucky

The flight of Spring

The hills of Kalk Bay seemed to be jinxed by some spell, as whenever we decide to take EYB into Ecco Valley, Mother Nature ambushes us with the Cape rain! So in preparation for this Sunday's hike we ask you all to pack those gumboots away, hide those umbrellas and instead take out your suncream,hats and summer smile, so we can finally end the spell that lures around the St James caves...

The Kalk Bay and Spes Bona valley allows for a few variations depending on group size and weather, so we will aim to be on the mountains for no longer than 3/3.5 hours. After all this Cape Rain this hike should hopefully be alive with the beginnings of Spring!

Parking around this area is confusing and past experience has taught us much about personal navigation - so this time to make things easier for everyone we suggest to all meet at the entrance to the BRASS BELL on main rd in Kalk Bay. From there we will wind up the cobbled streets and onto the mountain - and the by pure chance and luck we will have to end again at the BELL for a refreshing drink!

What date:
Sunday, 26th August

What time:
Meet at the Brass Bell at 8:45am so we can get onto the mountains by 9am as there is a short little uphill on the rd to get us onto the mountains.

What to bring: Your pets, friends, relatives and backpacks full of water and snacks.

We are sure that everyone has become aware of the safety issues that we are currently experiencing on our beautiful mountains after a week of headline press, so EYB encourages you to leave your valuables locked up safely in your cars or even in your homes.

As the wicked witch of the north west once gone with you rain and may the sunshine of summer begin, so that the hills of Kalk Bay become alive with EYB vibe! See you out there ready for your Sunday injection of Cape magic!


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